Teachers Need Support

Now, more than ever, teachers need support and encouragement.  Teaching is a challenging and often thankless job.  We value the contribution that our teachers make to the superior education students receive in Chino Valley and we value the contribution that educated children will make in society.  Public education is truly the cornerstone of a democratic society and teachers play an important role in furthering democracy.

District Staff Appreciation Lunch

TECC Principal Brandy Cox, CVEF President Wayne Ballard, CVEF Board Member and Assistant Superintendent of CVUSD Cindy Daniels, CVEF Board Member Laurie Marley

A part of the mission of the Chino Valley Education Foundation is to show support to our District’s teachers and staff. On April 28th, 2021 we were able to serve over 300 teachers and staff members lunch with 74 feet of sandwiches! Thank you to all the staff in the Chino Valley Unified School District that serve the children in our community every day! We appreciate you all! Thank you to the staff at the Walmart Deli on 69 for helping make our vision into a reality.

Dan Isenberg’s Story

Mr. Dan Isenberg teaches English, Theater and Teen Leadership. Since some of his classes are held in the Theater, there are no desks available. CVEF was able to provide him with 120 binders for his students to use as organizers for their work and as desks when in the theater.

Active Projects

Beginning of the Year Gifts

Teacher of the Month

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