Families Need Hope

Over 60% of the families in the Chino Valley Unified School District Qualify for free or reduced lunch.  Over 12% of students meet the federal definition as homeless.  Over 20% of students are being raised by a grandparent. 30% of Chino Valley students are “on the move” each year, meaning they are new to our schools or are moving on.  This mobility causes interrupted learning, instability, and hunger.

Startling? Read on. 

In 2018, Jessica, a parent of 2 elementary age children, was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. During one of her first surgeries, surgeons found an Atrial Septal Defect (a hole in her heart). In subsequent surgeries, three more holes in her heart have been found. These illnesses affect not only her heart, but her lungs and the rest of her body as well.  

Although Jessica receives $900 SSI each month, it doesn’t go very far. She pays $600 rent each month, leaving only $300 for necessities, food, and clothing for her children. 

Jessica “shops” our free Resource Center store, called Kalen’s Kloset.  She benefits from our bi-monthly food pantry and her children are sponsored by community members. She is very thankful that our programs exist and it’s very helpful to her when “someone gives us something we need”. The children are always excited and happy to receive something “new”, even if it’s not really new.  

Jessica says, “The support I receive from Chino Valley Education Foundation programs does more than help me focus on my children and help them do well in school. It gives me a sense of hope.” 

Active Projects

Chino Valley Food Neighbors Food Pantry

Chino Valley Family Resource Center

Holiday Meals

Holiday Gifts

School Supplies

Shoes for Kids

Coats for Kids

Chino Valley Family Resource Center

Operated from a classroom on the Chino Valley High School campus, the Family Resource Center is a one-stop shop for students and families of the Chino Valley Unified School District.  Here they can “shop” for free clothing, shoes, toiletries, personal items, school supplies, and supplemental food.  They can shower and wash their clothing in the Center and can receive assistance in applying for public benefits.  The Resource Center also provides referrals for parenting programs and transitional housing.

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